danielle lyles barton
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Healing For Her, tucson aug ’19

Sow the seeds, BALI dec ‘18

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summit, sacramento oct ‘19


creator of the healing property


harmony + humanity

Danielle envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with our Selves, the Divine, each other, and mama Earth. She understands that healing and what she calls 'the removal of muck' of is a pre-requisite in order for this to happen. As we work to heal our Selves, we heal the world, indeed. Women of color are the key. When women of color can live, thrive, and lead, everyone can live, thrive, and lead; moving us even closer to her vision of Divine harmony. Danielle is committed to co-creating this world. 


co-creator of the  pillars of sisterhood


Best friends, Danielle Lyles Barton and Danielle Young contribute meaningfully to the world through their intentional sisterhood. Rooted in love, the pillars they created serve as guides for women to cultivate spiritually healthy and emotionally safe sisterhoods, just as they have. They are clear that they met for a reason greater than them; their communion is deeply connected to their soul mission. To spread their message of sisterhood, Danielle Lyles Barton offers Sisterhood Retreats around the world and Danielle Young hosts a podcast called ONyX: The Sisterhood.


“There is a space in every breath where everything becomes suspended; it’s the space between the inhale and exhale. This space is where all the magic happens. It’s where clarity arises. Peace overtakes one’s soul. Love is ever present. Healing is abundant here. It’s my duty to share this magic, this healing, with the world.” dlb.


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