10 Days of Gratitude: Manifestation

Just as I begin my days, I'd like to begin this entry with a dose of gratitude: The amount of support that I have received since publicly documenting my #inpurposeonpurpose journey has been astronomical. The inbox messages. The comments. The shares. The texts. All of it. Thank you. Words of Affirmation is my love language and it inspires me when you tell me that my words have inspired you. Thank you for breathing back into me. 

I have been living and walking in pure manifestation. The past ten days have been such a refreshing reminder of the power that I possess. The power that we all possess. In only ten days, I have already physically manifested seven of the ten spiritual revelations God has given me. Here's one of my favorite manifestations:

I had the job before I even interviewed for the job. I knew that in my heart, mind, and spirit; We were all in agreement about that. What I didn't know was what my salary would be. Using the methods that my career coach taught me, I began researching. 

1) I started with general research to find out what the average salary is for the position in the nation. 
2) Then, I narrowed it down: average salary for the position in Chicago, IL. 
3) More specific: competitive companies' average salary for the position in Chicago, IL. 
4) Exact: my company's average salary for the position in Chicago, IL. 

When I was finished, I was in despair. The salary was too low. I did the search again: half way wondering if I had somehow made an error in my search tactics, and half way hoping the numbers would miraculously change. Nope. I began crunching numbers to calculate my monthly expenses and assess ways I could cut back on spending even more than I already have. Nope. That salary with those numbers just wasn't going to work. I wrote down a number; a different number. 

The night before my first interview, I tossed and turned a bit. I got up, opened the notebook with the new number written on it and said this prayer: I know what the research says, but I know what I need. God, THIS is the number I need. I trust you. 

When I woke up the next morning, I looked at the number written in the middle of my notebook. I grabbed my gratitude journal and began writing: "I am grateful for my bountiful income. I thank you for your provision and your abundance. [insert the number that my research suggested] is not in my vocabulary because you have gone before me and appraised my monetary worth." On my way to the interview, I began rehearsing the negotiation techniques my career coach taught me, thinking that would be how I'd acquire the number written inside my notebook. 

Imagine this:
I'm in the first interview and the Vice President of Operations asks if I have any questions. I'm prepared. I ask him the questions I'd already written out and thought about at home. Smooth. He asks if I have any more questions, and I tell him that I don't at the moment but will let him know if I think of any. He looks perplexed. Now I'm feeling perplexed but don't show it. He asks if I'm sure I don't have any more questions. I ask another question to appease him. Another perplexed look! His response: "I'd like to talk to you about the compensation." I smile politely thinking, "Ohhh. I know this game. The first one to give a number loses. I'm no fool. Plus! You never ask about the salary in an interview!" I begin quickly going over the negotiation techniques in my head, just in case he wants to show down right then and there. Do you know what comes out of his mouth next??? "We'd like to offer you [insert number that I wrote down in my notebook]." Inside, I'm having a party and outside I'm as poised as could be. He then proceeds to tell me that after my 60 day review, I'd be offered a salary increase of $,$$$!

Note that it is very uncommon to discuss salary and future performance reviews in an interview. Normally they ask questions beginning with, "Tell me about a time when..." After about one or two of those, my interviewer threw everything out the window and cut to the chase. But I already told you: I had the job before I even interviewed for the job.

The second interview was more of a conversation with the woman who would be my direct supervisor. After asking if I had any questions, she offered me the position and asked if I wanted to complete the paperwork then or the following day, when I'd be on the clock. *insert wide-eyed and bushy-tailed version of me here*

This is one day. One manifestation. The others were just as improbable. 
The next 80 days will be, too.

Keep manifesting, the universe rewards audacity. 

Danielle Lyles Barton