black girl in om


dlb. serves on the leadership team to create conscious and purposeful events that hold space for women of color to breathe easy. She also guides women through a soul-filled asana practice, guided meditation, and collective reflection central to the theme of womanhood, self-discovery, and personal care each month at Self-Care Sunday.

the chicagoland

equity network

dlb. serves on the delegation for the Chicagoland Equity Network to collaborate on setting the national agenda around equity and justice. dlb. is interested in pushing our humanity's full potential forward, particularly in two spaces: 1) marginalized communities and 2) wellness spaces. If you are a wellness institution seeking to establish trainings and practices that are more inclusive, connect with dlb. 




dlb. loves to align herself with brands, organizations, and thought leaders who are invested in women, wellness, and personal development. 



Download dlb.'s press kit to learn more about her projects and partnerships.