The Healing Property envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with ourselves, the Divine, each other, and the Earth.

The Healing Property is committed to co-creating a world where women of color can live, thrive, and lead; because a world where women of color can live, thrive, and lead is a world where everyone lives, thrives, and leads.

This work is accomplished under the guise of four leading principles:

  • Sisterhood

  • Love Ethic

  • Forgiveness and Restorative Practices

  • Wholehearted Living


A world where women can live is a world that women of color actually want and choose to exist in. When women are living, they are safe and free from heartache and traumas. This is where ‘the muck’ is cleared away. A world women can live in is a world that provides equitable access to resources and opportunities.


Equity paves the way for women of color to thrive. This is where we become empowered as women. Women thrive when they consistently implement life tools and feel empowered by the infinite tools that already exist inside of us. When women are thriving, we are operating as an active co-author of our life experience. We are blooming.


Intuition and heart-based leadership paired with intellect and brilliance is the future. Women are leading this movement and leading their own lives from a place of purpose, where we are deeply connected to our soul mission. We lead in their homes alongside their partners, in their workplace, and in shifting culture and society toward a value of harmony.

The Healing Property manifests herself through:

Sisterhood Retreats

Advocacy for women's WOMBS

Her Publication (coming soon)

The healing property University