danielle lyles barton

I am a ten-thousand petal flower unfolding in this moment.
— india.arie
She is Sheba the Sojourner, Harriet + Zora, Mary Bethune + Angela, Annie to Zenobia.
— Maya Angelou
The light of love is always in us, no matter how cold the flame.
— bell hooks


Danielle is a heart healer + spiritual activist who is intentional about creating safe space for women of color to love, heal, + breathe. As an emotional midwife, she travels the world to assist women in transforming emotional + sexual trauma into the manifestation of their life’s dharma, drawing deeply from her own experiences + spirituality.

Danielle specifically seeks out opportunities to serve underserved communities. She is an instructor within the Chicago-based Black Girl in Om community and held a nine-month book club + group coaching session called “Breathe” for people of color at a mainstream yoga studio in Chicago. Additionally, she has partnered with Haji Healing Salon on the Southside of Chicago to implement programming around the Black Lives Matter movement. Danielle was invited to serve as a 2017 Pride Week contributor for members of the LatinX LGBTQiA+ community through an offering centering self-care as resistance. In October of 2017, Danielle spoke at the Black Mental Wellness Weekend hosted by Sista Afya around forgiveness, an intricate part of the healing process.

As a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, Danielle served as Program Director and Lead Yoga Instructor for a women’s program called “I Am Enough” through the Darren B. Easterling Center for Restorative Practices. Serving women is central to Danielle’s mission + purpose in this world. She has been a keynote contributor at women’s retreats such as Lotus Rising Women’s Celebration + Lune: For Wild Women. She also co-hosts a sisterhood retreat in Bali called Sow the Seeds, which has gained much traction in the past year. In 2019, Danielle will be hosting her first major solo retreat on Love for women who’ve experienced emotional trauma and heartache.

As a former Director of one of the largest yoga centers in the Midwest, Danielle coordinated with Master and Senior Yoga Instructors to further the message and mission of yoga. She now serves the studio, as well as local yoga studios and wellness centers, as a consultant around culturally sensitive and inclusive practices that promote social justice and restorative practices. Danielle has recently expanded her involvement with the Black Girl in Om leadership team through her role as Director of Programming. You can find her featured on their podcast and in their publication, Om.

Danielle has also guest appeared on iHeart Radio, Black Healing Matters, + ONyX: The Sisterhood and has recently joined Yoga Green Book as a featured meditation guide. Her partnerships have extended to local + national universities, as she shares her message of Love, healing, + purpose. Her words have also resonated with audiences at SXSW + the Black Women’s Expo.

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