Danielle has the gift of capturing an audience and delivering her message through storytelling. Oral storytelling is an ancient art form used in many historical and present-day cultures to information-share and cultivate understanding. She uses storytelling to strengthen communities and to explain key life points in a simplistic, yet enrapturing fashion.

healing for her:


Women, mothers of the earth: we can change the world. We have the power to breathe life to a healed world, and it begins with our personal journey. Forgiveness is the greatest expression of Love. Healed women who emanate the Love of the divine are the women who heal the world. Forgiveness is how we heal gloriously. In this workshop, journey through mind-body techniques for practicing forgiveness even when it feels unforgivable. The process to doing so is a thoroughly-designed program created by dlb. in her own journey to and through the greatest gift: forgiveness. Join dlb. in cultivating a sisterhood of forgiven and forgiving earth shakers.


integrating spirituality

and social justice

How do we use the embodied spiritual practice of yoga to advocate for the spiritual growth of black and brown bodies? How can we make this practice of personal empowerment also one collective empowerment for communities of color? Why are these conversations still necessary? After being guided through an introspective meditation designed to reacquaint ourselves to love, we will collectively examine how to extend this practice in a way that restores justice. This compassionately insightful presentation challenges yogis, healers, and wellness workers to move their practice beyond the comfortable four corners of their 68" mat into the discomfort of advocating for true Moksha (Sanskrit for liberation) for all.


Danielle Lyles Barton has graced stages such as:

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