Danielle is a true healer, feeler, guide, + confidant. It’s evident in every word she says, her body movement, and even her silence that she is always willing to give of herself to help others + nourish herself simultaneously.
— Miranda, Chicago

I haven’t experienced a safe place like this before. I was trying to hold back the tears – I needed this so much.
— Zetah, Chicago

This was everything my mind, body, + soul needed. I have been out of touch with my being for some time and now I am reconnected.
— Danielle, Chicago

Danielle is a breath of fresh air! Just the thought of her freggin’ makes my heart smile!
— Chandrea, Chicago

Danielle has a power in her light that shines beyond the South, West, + Midwest. I believe in her vision to cultivate sisterhood across the world. We need it; we need her; and it’s so clear that this is her calling.
— Shafaq, Washington DC

Danielle’s strength + leadership allowed me to go bravely into the dark and see the light within myself.
— Anonymous, Chicago

Danielle has shown me a whole new vision of who it’s possible for me to be.
— Tali, Chicago

Despite my burning thighs, I was thinking: THIS. This is what I’ve been searching for.
— Rebecca, Chicago